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On Saturday May 28th, I had the extreme pleasure of walking in a parade with my friends.

When you're running for office, a parade offers you an opportunity to truly meet people on the most "grass roots" level imaginable. You see your neighbors with their children, friends, and pets up close and personal and you discover what is truly on their minds. A topic I heard most often was the need for "change." The mood for most people, on either side of the political spectrum, is that, although they love their schools, there is a sense that values they hold dear to them are not necessarily the same values being promoted in schools today.

In fairness, when moving quickly alongside parade floats, there is not a lot of time for details, but the concern over potentially losing our schools to agendas that might not be what made our communities successful, is what I heard most often. One Zimmerman resident, before shaking my hand, asked flat out what my personal beliefs were and I said, " Frankly, my views come from my faith in God and a belief that, that foundation must always be at the core of every vote I place, if I'm elected to the schoolboard." Upon hearing that, he smiled, shook my hand and accepted my card.

There has been a weariness among the electorate recently, but it's changing. People are assessing the last two years in general and news from schools in particular and they are looking for options that might, not just slow the trends away from family values and achievement based education, but actually reverse those trends entirely. Especially in distance learning, we had become comfortable with mediocrity and the pendulum is moving back toward excellence. During the parade, I heard an excitement for the future that comes from change and I want very much to be part of that change.

If I reached out to you at Wild West Days, thank you for reaching back to me. If you have questions, please message me here on this webpage. If you'd like to support my campaign, you can do that here to.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate your vote this November 8th. Thank you.


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